Tenants Obligations

Tenants should understand their responsibilities in relation to the property they are renting as it might impact their bond.

Did you know … The tenant’s responsibilities during the tenancy period are :

  • The tenant must fully comply with all the conditions as set out in the Tenancy Agreement.
  • The use of the property is for residential purposes only.
  • The rent must be paid on time and directly into Active Property Management’s bank account.
  • Inform the Active Property Management of any damage as soon as possible.
  • If the tenant damages the property, any repair will be for his account.
  • The tenant must allow the Active Property Management team reasonable access to the property.
  • The tenant must keep the property and gardens tidy and up to a reasonable standard of cleanliness.
  • The tenant is responsible for replacing batteries in smoke alarms every 6 months unless a fire alarm unit with a 10-year battery life is fitted.
  • Active Property Management needs to be advised as soon as possible if there are any problems with the smoke alarms.
  • The tenant should meet the requirements detailed in the Vacating Guidelines section at the end of their tenancy.

As a tenant when you sign a tenancy agreement … The tenant should ensure that the following DOES NOT OCCUR as they will be liable for the cost to repair the damage:

  • Make any alterations to the property without the prior approval of Active Property Management’s team.
  • Damage the property or allow others to damage the property.
  • Apply stickers or decals to the walls.
  • Damage, remove or disconnect any chattels or fixtures.
  • Damage, tamper with or remove smoke alarms.
  • Refuse entry to the property when Active Property Management are entitled to do so.
  • Use the property for any unlawful activities, or allow others to use the property for unlawful activities.
  • The tenant should observe the local council’s guidelines for noise control and thus not cause excessive noise that interfere with the neighbours’ peace and quiet.
  • The tenant should not sublet any part of the property.